tartine afterhours

photo by kimberley hasselbrink

about once a month, i cook dinner at tartine bakery.  we push all of the tables together, serve bountiful family-style platters of food, invite musicians to come play, and generally just encourage everyone to have a lovely evening.  plus, there's always tartine bread involved!

it's not fancy--just good, honest food.

we do it out of love.

if you'd like to come, you'll need to fill out the form when each dinner is announced and enter the lottery for seats.  i simultaneously send out a newsletter, post a blog entry, update my facebook page, and tweet to announce each dinner, so to make sure you stay abreast, subscribe to any or all forms of social networking appropriate to your needs.


  1. I'd like to receive notice of your dinners at Tartine.

    Thanks, Saralynn Nusbaum

  2. Hi Saralynn,
    I don't have your email address! All you have to do to receive notice is to enter it into that box above and I'll send a notification to announce each dinner. Thanks so much for your interest!

  3. Do the dinners have vegetarian options?

    1. Hi Christine,
      Usually, but not always! There's a spot in the lotto entry form to let me know your dietary restrictions so I can take care of you if you end up winning a spot.