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2013 Classes

In an effort to buckle down and write the very best book teaching folks how to cook well, I am taking a little break from public classes for a bit.  But when I'm done with Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: The Four Elements of Good Cooking, I'll be back to teaching in a big way, at 18 Reasons, San Francisco Cooking School, the Stone Barns Center, and anywhere else in the country that will have me. In the meantime, read Michael Pollan's Cooked to get an idea of what I'm like as a teacher.

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Take a look at this sweet 90-second video shot by the folks at the San Francisco Chronicle at a Home Ec class held at 18 Reasons in 2012 to get an idea of how things work:

What Students Have To Say About Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat:
"These classes will change the way you think in the kitchen. I've taken a lot of cooking classes over the years and stopped because I wasn't learning anything new. I signed up for Samin's series because she's such a pleasure to be around and I was hoping to learn. Learn I did! The concepts she taught were simple and completely understandable. The way fat, acid, and salt work together and counterbalance each other was fascinating. The food we prepared was designed to demonstrate the concepts so that we could understand and remember. There were several a-ha! moments. It was worth every minute and every penny."

"Samin has an amazing knack for translating the inherent skills of a stellar restaurant chef to the everyday home cook. While things like fat and acid might not sound all that sexy, you'll be amazed at how much better your cooking will be once you understand how they work. If you have ever hoped to become more intuitive and less recipe-dependent in the kitchen, Samin's classes are perfect for you."

"Samin is more than a teacher, she is an inspiration. Her methodology goes way beyond recipes into how to think about cooking and even more importantly how to become a more visceral cook. The class I took with her has made me a much more confident and brazen cook! Plus she is so much fun!"

for inquiries about private, group, or corporate cooking lessons, please contact me directly at ciao {at} saminnosrat {dot} com