a person who tries to be good at many things probably won't be good enough at any one thing to ever be recognized for it.

all i can do is compare myself--to my friend from high school who is now a tenure track professor at columbia, to all of my law school friends well on their ways to six-figure incomes, to people who have direction in life, who love their jobs or spouses or both. and it sucks. comparisons are odious.


what the eff am i going to do with myself?


  1. don't compare. and if you must - realize than when I compare myself to you I feel desperately lacking in vision, creativity, generosity, integrity, work ethic, etc, etc, etc... don't make yourself sick worrying about the future - just enjoy where you are and what you're doing and for a moment let yourself realize how amazing you are.

  2. I ditto Amber's comments. You are truly one of the most beautiful, generous, creative spirits I have had the pleasure of having in my life. Comparing yourself to someone on the track to tenure at Columbia is like comparing apples to oranges. God, tenure actually sounds miserable to me. To be stuck in the same position for the rest of your life? Ugh, no thanks. No offense to your friend, of course...point is that we all have our own journeys to take and comparisons are meaningless.