from today's nyt

"Ms. Bass also pointed out that the new strain of entertaining anxiety extended well beyond food. “You can’t just serve purslane,” she said. “You have to serve purslane on Limoges you found in a Connecticut consignment shop with a fork that has a carved ivory handle you found in a flea market somewhere.”"

My sentiments exactly.


  1. Ew, gag me. Of course the first people in the interview live in Park Slope! NY'ers are SO GROSS sometimes! I can't fit more than 5 people in my studio, much less a slab of sturgeon fresh from Coney. I say, if you have enough room in your apartment to entertain AT ALL you can just stfu.

  2. krikri, it's not just new yorkers! the ridiculousness of foodieness got off the ground here in berkeley. i think nyers just have been able to add their own bit of elegance to the whole matter.


  3. I read that article in the NYT...and I think I was rolling my eyes the entire time. It reminds me of the current "hobo chic" in fashion- spending hours of time and thousands of dollars to look liked you're a homeless person who just rolled out of a dumpster. "Oh what, these silly things? I just happened to find them at a bazaar in Turkey".

    Oh, and I for one like that Drunken Goat cheese or whatever it's called.