salon.com ran this article today by the incredible novella carpenter, a woman i feel lucky to know.

she rules. and she really does ride her bike everywhere. well, either that or her biodiesel benz.

and she dumpster dives, too.


  1. My mom used to dumpster dive to get food for our chickens and compost. Jesus H. Christ, that was embarassing at the time. I had no idea that my mom was just the cool eco-friendly hippie that is all the rage these days. I would hide in the car and hope no one would see me or recognize the station wagon!
    p.s. Going through big life change re. job...will email you more and want your opinion! xo

  2. sounds good, jen.

    novella dumpster dives to find food for her pigs, so it's basically the same thing. your mom was pretty cool to be doing that in fullerton, but i'm quite sure i would have been mortified myself.

    talk to you soon.