if there were a cookbook written by bob cannard, it would be out of control.

watching a farmer cook is an experience wrought with pain, hilarity, and disbelief all at once.

allow me to share a few of his cooking secrets:

one must eat the skin of the garlic clove, which is rich with fiber and nutrients. how dare you even consider throwing it out! also good to eat are grape stems (and i'm not talking about the little stem that connects the grape to the bunch, but the big stem that holds the bunch together), raw cavolo nero, and bitter unturned artichokes (the bitterness is healthy, despite what darwinism might tell you).

i may never be able to stop poking fun at bob, but the truth is that i'm hard pressed to think of any meal i'd rather eat than one at the farm.


  1. Sorry, but no one, not even Bob the Farmer, can convince me to eat the skin of the garlic. And I love me some garlic.

  2. I don't care what farmer Bob says, I am NEVER eating a grape stem!!!! That is pure crazyness.