hand update

i had a check up with my surgeon today--everything is healing swimmingly. in fact, i seemed to be more concerned about it all than he was (and i'm not that concerned). he told me to massage the scar to break up the scar tissue and when i asked him how often to do it, he said that he usually tells people to do it as much as they can without being obsessive-compulsive about it.

i might have a problem with that since i'm totally ocd.


  1. I hope your hand heals well and quickly! It's tough when doctors give such imprecise directions--when I worked at a surgery center, we'd tell the patients to massage their wounds too--for instance, after breast implant surgery...

    A year later, I'd run into them, and find them absentmindedly massaging their breasts.

  2. you should have gotten back to the shmuck car mechanic who stiched you up the first day and show his/her signature marks that you'd be carrying for life.

  3. This photo validates my decision not to go into medicine. (not that I was planning to anyway.) I can't look at it without getting slightly queasy.

    But, glad you are healing all the same.