i really tried to stay out of the city this weekend, but then found out my friends are visiting from out of town, and i realized that i really need a coat (right now, my only options are fleeces, the orange coat, or my barbour hunting jacket).

so i decided to go for it and made it my goal to find a coat. with jonas's help, i tried on every single coat in all of san francisco, and still wasn't able to find one that was just what i wanted. ugh.

i did get an awesome deal on this dress, though:

i'm going to a dinner this week that will be interesting, to say the least. i think i'll wear it then. probably with a fleece, since i don't have any other choice. even in marc jacobs, i'll manage to look disheveled. don't worry.


  1. marc jacobs...wow. You are so stylish. xo

  2. omg love the dress, love love lovvvvvvvvve