some of the most amazing people in my life have stepped out to help me do what i want to do since my disappointment last month. i've got all sorts of exciting things cooking--in a way, it was a huge catalyst for me to stop thinking and start doing.

and, since i took that photo class, i've learned how to take better advantage of the cheapy lens i already have. i wasn't able to get photos like this from it on demand before, and now the blur is working for me, not the other way around. i heart the blur.


  1. Samin! Thank you so much for visiting the openkitchen. The adventure started started over dim sum in the summer of 2004. Remember?

    I see you are "obsessed" with portrait lenses. I have a rebel as well, and my second lens purchase was the 50mm 1.8. It's less than a hundred bucks and the results are nothing short of mind blowing.


  2. that's the lens i used for this photo!

  3. Sinceramente no hablo ingles pero la fotografia de tu blog es muy buena.... cuidate.
    Se bueno y cuida nuestro mundo

  4. Me parece que la fotografia de tu blog es muy buena.
    Saludos Hasta Luego