mango stall, originally uploaded by _gem_.

buttery, sweet manila (aka champagne) mangoes are here. i've been buying them by the dozen at monterey market for the past few days because....

tomorrow my food chain class is coming over for dinner and we're having pho and sticky rice with mango.

let's just say i've been frequenting ranch 99 lately.


  1. I wish I could DHL you some mangos from pk. There are so many types and they are oh so yummy. Please remind me to tell you about my Afghani and Irani dinners in Karachi...also very yummy!

  2. Waaaaait Samin! Ranch 99 is a supermarket that doesn't sell organic or sustainable anything!

    I wholeheartedly support rewriting moral codes (aka. making exceptions) so that one may feed the soul.

  3. the only edible thing i actually got at ranch 99 was the sticky rice from koda family farm, which is in california. so i stuck as closely to my morals as possible, even there.