it's so easy to get caught up in a way of thinking. we're fed all of this stuff all day long by the media--it's so constant that it becomes subconscious after a while. i mean, my family is from iran, and i have spent some long stretches of time there, and yet, i still think about it in some very stereotypical ways.

i'm kind of ashamed to admit how giddy and surprised i was to realize that an artistic community such as this might exist there today. i love it!


  1. Dear Samin
    How nice to hear from a fellow countryman like you.
    I'm 28 and a bachelor of Art graduate.
    I'd like to introduce a website and a weblog down below,some that might be interesting to take a look at,when ever you wish.

  2. What a wonderful find, Parisa Mahoudi's blog! Thanks so much for putting it here... I hope it gets lots of visits!

  3. Dear Samin
    What are you up to?I really miss you.
    I wish that you were here in Tehran.An international book fair is held on from may 1st and lasts till may 11th,I've visited the fair twice and have bought some books that I was interested in.Wowww it's really amazing walking among the people who are looking for what they want enthusiastically.

    Have a good day