wish i had some photos--maybe tomorrow....

but slow food nation madness has set in.  crazy x 1,000,000.

my grandma's pickles were a hit.  pickled pepper panache was a hit.  and i got to see a bunch of peeps i haven't seen in fo-ev-eh.

maybe tomorrow i won't use as much sriracha as i did today, and cause myself as much distress.

we'll see.


  1. Aloha Samin,
    I would love to see photos from this weekend.... especially of your gradmother's pickles! Hope you had fun and didn't burn out....

  2. Pickled pepper panache? Try saying that one ten times fast!

    Glad you got the invite...and you know how much I would love for you to be there, and also how much I truly understand that may not be possible. Anyway- looking forward to seeing you at kermit lynch in a couple weeks!