that is my goat!!! in the nyt!!!! can you believe it? i wrote the recipe and cooked it, and i know who raised every ingredient save the salt, wine and a few of the spices--martin, riverdog, dirty girl, bob and of course bill. yikes yikes yikes yikes yikes!!!!! so proud and excited.

here's the recipe. (psst.....you can substitute lamb if you can't find goat).


  1. yay- and it's popular too! #4 on "Most Emailed" list...how cool is that!

  2. All the way from Laos.... just wanting to let you know how PROUD we are of you and how excited I am to try the recipe out for myself when I get home!!
    We've been eating some pretty delicious meals out here, but I have to say, that photo of your dish made me drool a little bit.