biofuel oasis fundraiser

that's bilbo on the left....

on the off-chance that you're in berkeley this thursday afternoon, want some $10-all-you-can-drink beer, and have a craving for goat tacos, you should come down to trumer pils on fourth street for novella and co.'s fundraiser for the new location of biofuel oasis.  

jerome and sam are making goat tacos and i'll be there with rice, beans and salsa.  it's all about local and homemade this time, as the goat is novella's own bilbo, sacrificed yesterday for a better cause.


  1. ...isn't that my darling Bilbo...on the RIGHT? :) I remember that he has black on him!

  2. I so wish I could go this. Sounds awesome. We ain't got no goat parties where I come from. I am envious.

  3. you're probably right, christine! i just guessed--it's been a while since i saw bilbo, but i guess that must be bebe on the left.