i've somehow miraculously made it to my one year birthday at my gym, a place called one of the best gyms in the country by the wkc.

i love this place, and it has changed my life. in one year, i have lost nearly thirty pounds, made yoga an integral part of my life, started down the path toward becoming a cyclist (i even have two pairs of bike shorts). i can hold plank pose for nearly three minutes, do 45 situps in a minute, and deadlift my body weight (probably more by now). i can row 2k in under 8 minutes, and hold a wall squat for almost 4. it's all pretty coocoo if you ask me. i'm not sure how you quantify these things, but i might be in the best shape of my life. if not, then i'm close. and only improving (despite having a body ravaged with injured joints).

i am sort of in lurve with both my physical therapist and my personal trainer (two people i'd never imagined i'd regularly patronize). i am no longer depressed, i can sleep, and i feel so much more confident about most things in my life. i even think that one day, my natural posture will be to stand up straight. i have seen how i can make my body change through diligence and hard work, and am realizing my limits. i am learning when to push--and when to forgive--myself.

i love them, and i love the me that they have helped me to find. i hope to grow grow grow and get even faster stronger better with them as far as the eye can see. (and when my shoulder has healed, i am going to be able to do that pullup!)


  1. I'm so glad you found a place where you can grow, and gain strength and confidence in yourself!

    Here is one question, though: Did you have joint paint or joint injuries prior to joining this gym? I don't recall that being an issue for you, could be wrong. Just remember that those types of injuries and stresses can cause you really big headaches down the road in middle age. I am thinking of my mom with knee and shoulder injuries from 20 years ago that are now preventing her from doing everyday activities, including dancing for a prolonged period at my own wedding! It's not worth the stress on your body just to prove to your trainer or yourself how hard you can push. Glad you're doing the yoga, though- now that I can get behind! :)

    love you- can't wait for sunday's paper!

  2. jen,
    i was born with lots of misalignments, which were further aggravated by some casts and braces i was put in as a child (that was just the standard treatment then). it's left me with incredibly inflexible hips, poor posture, and a body that prioritizes the wrong muscle groups. fixing that is a long-term project.

    over the past year, though, because of carelessness on my part, i've torn my labrum or subscapularis in my shoulder (won't know which without an mri, which i am too cheap to get and can live without) and badly sprained my ankle. so there is sort of something going on at every level. but i'm working around it, and being smart about it, and taking care of myself. i've realized this is the only body i'll ever get...

    love you!

  3. Glad to know you are taking care of yourself at every level. Mostly I just wanted to respond to tell you that I, too, was placed in braces as a toddler and young child. Sort of Forrest Gump-style. Maybe this is why I like you so much.

  4. i think at one point melissa and i realized that you, amber, she and i were all in braces or casts as little kids. i guess it must have been popular back then.

  5. Aloha Samin... I think it's time to test your strength by challenging yourself to a Honolulu triathlon! You get to swim in the blue Pacific ocean, ride around Diamond Head, and run around Ala Moana Park (with a great view of DH); what more can you ask for?

  6. you know i want to come visit you again--when is it?