if i had a kajillion dollars, i'd buy an apartment for myself in nyc and stay there for a week once every month or two, eating my way around the city.  

most delicious nyc bits:
--apple and kimchee salad at momofuku ssam bar
--gelato from il lab
--seeing (one of my two favorite cousins) misha in the west village
--my afternoon at the new york times with kim, julia and jill (love those ladies!)
--the whole wheat seedy bread at balthazar 
--running into my middle-school friend debby k. on second ave.
--reading the weds food section in a nyc coffeeshop instead of on my laptop in berk.
--brooklyn flea (meeting the saipua guys)
--our brunch at egbert's apt (maybe the most amazing nyc apt ever) and kris's bloody marys...
--so much great weather
--getting caught in an east coast thunderstorm whilst trekking up 5th ave
--my customary pilgrimage to kitchen arts and letters (where i scored 2 river cottage books)
--dinner with jonas and phil...ha!
--sneaking onto the 29th floor with jonas
--dragging jonas all over the village, soho and les in the glaring sun
--seeing sarah from heritage for dinner at alias
--spicy hummus, barbari and sour green plums from sahadi's
--talking to philip
--the amazing pink and purple spring moment we had in brooklyn heights
--the letter press drawers we found in the antique store on court street (already hung and being filled!)

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  1. wow, that's a lot of memorable events! i am so glad you had such a wonderful time although it looks as though seattle has been put to shame in comparison! ;) of course, that's to be expected but i do hope you decide to stay grounded on the west coast!