sunny slope farm figs with chris lee's prosciutto :: photo by diana sanchez

i hope you are all well. i'm doing my best to balance all of the difficult and hectic stuff in my life right now by being as calm as i can possibly be.

there have been a few big disruptions in my life lately (miss you, a), but somehow i've managed to keep things mostly afloat. i'm anticipating the next year or so of my life to be full of a lot of huge changes, and the only way i've found to face all of it is to simply wake up each morning and try to have the best day i can have.

i'm not perfect. it's not always successful. but i'm trying.


  1. Samin, how can you not be happy with such beautiful (and scrumptious-looking!) food in your life on a daily basis? Good luck with everything and hang in there for the next couple months. Only good will come out of all the hard work that youʻve been putting in the past couple of years.

  2. No one is perfect dear one and no one is happy all the time. Waking up everyday and trying your best to make it count is all that you can do!