i'm overwhelmed:

by the amount of work i have these days. who knew unemployment would be so busy?
by the abundance and generosity shown to chris, me and my cooks by our community.
by the number of emails i've gotten over the past month. and the number i have yet to respond to.
by the incredible opportunities i've been led to.
by empathy for two of my dearest friends who are each going through really difficult times.

i'm not quite sure of how to balance it all.

i wish i had a personal assistant to help me get organized.


  1. hey, where is the link to the interview?

  2. Dad, I'm in the studio now. The piece won't air for at least a week. I'll let you know when it's up!

  3. I could be your personal assistant if you're hiring. ;)

  4. Hey there. I hope everything balances out. Mica and I would like to donate an item to the raffle. Can you give me a call to let me know how, and to give input on our idea? 510-388-8538.

  5. You could hire a virtual personal assistant.