per your request

things you can give me for my birthday which will make me very happy:

a cd with 'don't stop believing' on it, or other cds with music you think i'd like (i have boniveritis and i have to get some new tunes soon, or else!)
some krishna das music
an itunes gift certificate
flo braker's the simple art of perfect baking
a gift certificate to omnivore books
a yoga mat bag
a couple of yoga blocks

and if you are feeling really generous:
aletha soule ceramics
the big il bisonte bag i've always dreamt of

thank you and good night.


  1. I swear....

  2. You swear what? A decorative gourd?

  3. Nice list - lots of lovely things and thanks for the ideas! I'm SO excited to celebrate with you and spend a lovely day up north.