fresh bronze-cut rigatoni at pop-up general store :: march, 2010
(photo by mark gordon)

tomorrow, i get to go see how my favorite bread in the world is baked. i might die of happiness right there by the flour bags.

if that happens, revive me with some four barrel coffee, please.


  1. Also swooning over that link to that wonderful bread! So...how do they make it so light? There has to be a trick?

  2. Hi Jacki,

    There is so much to say about that bread, and so much to learn about it! I've only just begun to explore the tip of the iceberg, but I do know this much: it's some of the wettest bread dough I've ever seen.

    So much of what makes that bread so special is experience and body memory, just simply knowing what different precautions to take on any particular day. Luckily, Chad just turned in his manuscript for Tartine Bread, and the book is set to come out this fall, so we can all start trying to recreate that magic at home!

    I'm really excited, because that day inspired me to collaborate with those Tartine guys a bit, so we're busy dreaming up some plans and I'll let you know as soon as we get some dates set.