currently obsessed with...

  • tartine bread--eric wolfinger's photos are out of control beautiful.
  • bhakti yoga, the bhagavad gita, and neem karoli baba
  • john welwood
  • pandora bon iver radio (i'd marry justin vernon in a heartbeat)
  • a reignited love affair with my tiger tail
  • watermelon
  • gravenstein apples
  • theo chocolate bars...alternating between 45% and 91%
  • broccoli...i'm really big on broccoli right now.
  • trying to understand how to get the gluten out of the bran in whole wheat flour so i can make perfect whole wheat pasta.
  • doing my best to stay off facebook and in the real world
  • making and drinking the most disgusting juices imaginable each morning
  • rolfing, or more accurately, being rolfed. as often as my body can handle it.
  • handstands


  1. Hi!
    Tell me if you figure out the whole wheat pasta thing...is the gluten what I am trying to get rid of, I just thought I was trying to get rid of the larger pieces of the wheat germ shell....because it kind of breaks up the pasta? I think..

    (Meghan, not anonymous)

  2. meghan, we WANT the gluten to get out of the bran/germ shell and into the pasta. without it, we just get regular old mushy whole wheat pasta time and time again. the gluten is the key to good texture....

  3. I made some whole wheat ravioli last week. Not sure what I did but it was delicious.

  4. nick, were they 100% whole wheat? i've mostly been working on extruded pastas, and keep getting stuck at the same point, so i took out the big guns and asked harold mcgee and the folks at tartine for advice. they gave me some interesting things to think about, so it's back to the drawing board for me.

  5. where do you get rolfed in the bay area?

    just curious new to SF?

  6. hi anon,
    my rolfer is georgette delvaux, and her husband is michael salveson. they're in berkeley, and they are the best of the best.