i wish i had mad computer skillz...

thanks to sasha, my dad, sajad, and all of the other folks who sent me this!?!  photo by lucas foglia

because then i'd figure out how to copy this photo from the new york times magazine and upload it to this blog...

sheesh.  foiled again.  but happy, nonetheless.

about fifteen minutes before we took that photo, i swiped anya's bike (the cadillac of all bikes) and rode frantically around jack london square looking for a big old wild fennel plant to bring in as a prop, since they only had corn stalks, which seemed so wrong for a shot of foragers and cooks.  but all of the good wild fennel stalks were on the inside of chain link fences and i didn't feel like jumping a fence in my fancy jeans.  finally, i saw this one, beautiful green plant when i was riding around the edges of laney college.  the problem?  it was on the other side of the divider separating me from the freeway off-ramp.

i delicately got off the bike and walked it about 30 yards up the off-ramp, hacked that plant down with my bread knife, slung it across the bike basket, and then risked my life as i teeter-tottered the bike the twelve or so blocks back to the office.  i may have caused a few car accidents.  not sure.


  1. Go to the page and right-click on the picture (or hold the Ctrl key down and click if you're on a Mac). Choose "Save Picture As..." in the menu that pops up. Save the picture somewhere on your computer where you can find it. Then upload it to your blog like you would a normal picture.

  2. Aloha Samin,
    You totally look badass in this picture..... I wish they could have included your little story on how that plant got in the photo too!