bakesale for japan, anyone?

alright folks, i'm thinking bakesale for japan on saturday, april 2nd.  i'm gonna work with sylvan to find the right organization to donate proceeds to.

who's with me?

i'll need bakers, cooks, graphic designers, PR peeps, volunteers, and lots of customers to make it big.

let's see if we can break bakesale for haiti's record ($23,000)!

email me at bakesaleforjapan@gmail.com if you want to help, and make sure to let me know what your skillz are!


10:32 pm--edited to add: 

Here's what I know so far:

  • It will be on Saturday, 4/2
  • We now have three locations: 
    • Oakland: Pizzaiolo
    • Berkeley: Gioia
    • San Francisco: BiRite Market
  • You DO NOT have to be a professional cook/baker to participate!
  • If you are donating goods from a certified/licensed food business, you are welcome to label the goods with your logo/identity if you wish.
  • Individually wrapped treats,packaged dozens and half-dozens, as well as whole cakes/pies/tarts/loaves etc. are preferred (rather than a basket of cookies meant to be sold one by one)
  • Bake as much as you like!  The more stuff we have to sell, the better!  We literally cannot have too many baked goods.
  • Gluten-free/ dairy-free/ vegan items are welcome and should be clearly labeled as such.
  • All items must be delivered with a complete list of ingredients, as well as an item name.  
  • Please plan to deliver your goods in containers you will not need returned.  
  • If you'd like to donate a non-food item, such as artwork, a gift certificate, etc, please email me with specifics 
  • I will also need quite a few volunteers to help organize, collect, and distribute baked goods, as well as work the sales, so if you're not into baking, let me know if you want to help in this way.
  • Japanese specialties such as mochi and other delicacies are more than welcome.  
  • We sell everything by suggested donation, so the more delicious/special the items, and the nicer the packaging/presentation, the more money we can get! Please keep this in mind (i.e. no cake mixes and regular old rice krispie treats, please).  
Please keep an eye on my twitter (@ciaosamin) and blog (ciao samin) for periodic updates.

When I get a flier made sometime this week, I will be sending it to all of you to help spread the word!

Tell all of your friends!  We cannot have too many volunteer bakers, and we certainly cannot have too many patrons!!!

Thank you!


  1. Thank you samin... You are awesome! Wish I could be there to help you.

  2. You are amazing.

  3. Awesome, Samin. I will bake up some cinnamon bread this time and I've contacted my grandmother to see if she will donate a quilt for purchase.
    Keep up the good work, you're a true inspiration.

  4. Proceeds go where? Red Cross?

  5. kevyn, i'm working with a japanese friend to determine which organization will be the most appropriate for us to contribute to. i will let everyone know as soon as we decide.

  6. Hi There,
    I'll be happy to join in at Bi Rite. I'm also doing an online bake sale for Japan! If you'd like to join in for mine too, that would be awesome.
    Sabrina (the tomato tart)

  7. Samin, I'm promoting this to my CSA members to see if anyone can be at all helpful to you, when it's time to sell yummies, I'll promote that too! thanks for ALL you do. signed, your stalking fan from Watsonville.

  8. Samin, Thank you for stepping up when it matters most! I'm happy to provide graphic design help. Let me know what you might need.

  9. The Lopez family will volunteer on the actually day.

  10. hi, i'm a graphic designer and i'd be happy to volunteer somehow at the sf location if needed.

  11. I'm definitely interested in helping out! I will email you! Look forward to working with you all xo

  12. We would like to donate some homeade granola bars and volunteer during the event at Pizzaiola. I'll keep an eye out here and email you when it gets closer.

  13. mike emanuel3/18/2011 8:47 AM

    Hi Sami, how about 1/2 pint jars of back yard marmalade? (orange/lemon/grapefruit..) I told June Taylor i would follow up with her offer..Thinking about rum balls again(been stocking the freezer with perfect cake fixings), my sister in law does great apricot bars.....

  14. Hi Sami,
    Be happy to donate Chocolate Truffle Balls
    Please let me know what time I can drop off on Saturday for BiRite Market.


  15. Samin - I participated in the Bake Sale for Japan NYC, and it was my amazing privilege to take part in this nationwide effort to help our brothers and sisters in Japan. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for your vision and your heart to do this and for giving folks all over the country an oppt'y to come together to make a difference. How beautiful it is.