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though i think that every day brings with it countless opportunities for gratitude, there is no day better than thanksgiving for sharing it.

so, as i sit here in a cloudy jet-lagged haze, looking back at the most surreal week in china and forward to what i hope to be a year filled with lots of meaningful, enjoyable play, work and love, here's what's got me brimming with gratitude in this moment:

the life and values my parents have given me.

having my best friend around the corner.

getting to cook whatever i want for lovely, enthusiastic people who support tartine afterhours and pop-up general store.

selling articles with minimal pain, and that it looks like i'll have an easy enough time selling my book when i'm ready, too.

endless opportunities for continued learning, about myself, about the world, and cooking, and writing, and the beliefs that ground me.  though i'm in a bit of a tough place with my asana practice, yoga has changed my life and i'm so grateful for the perspective it's given me.

all of my incredible j-school friends.  taking that class with michael five(!) years ago was one of the best things i ever did for myself, most of all because it led me to all of you. novella, malia, charlotte, singeli, charlie, joylynn, sindya--i'm so grateful for your friendship and guidance.

living in a world where i get to conspire and collaborate with, learn from and teach some of the people i have looked up to and loved since the moment i entered the kitchen, from alice and michael to cal, chris and charlie. from aya and tamar, chad and liz, to lori, sam, rosie and jerome.  to all of you, my friends and mentors, i am in awe of you each and every single day.

(and i'm grateful for a blog where i can write run-on sentences as long as i like without having to go back and edit them).

happy thanksgiving, all!

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