auguri per il anno 2007

i hope that sweetness reigns.

small goals seem appropriate, and attainable. here are some of mine:

to take at least three photos a week that i am really happy with.

to leave california at least once. i realized recently that i haven't left the state since i returned from italy in 2004.

to become familiar with the sewing machine and make something from the fabulous denyse schmidt book amber gave me (thank you so much! can i begin to explain how much i love it? no, probably not.)

to be more careful about what i eat. i need to eat more vegetables.

to write at least two things i am proud of.

to fix the toilet paper holder.

anyone out there have anything interesting you're thinking of resolving for the new year?


  1. Mine, some lofty and some not so much:

    1. Learn to sew so that I can make some beautiful blankets for the new babies coming into my friends' lives in '07.

    2. Get certified to teach yoga.

    3. Focus on career growth (not $) and not on relationships, or lack of them, with men.

    4. Buy a guitar. Take weekly guitar lessons for 3 mos. Cap it off with beach sing along with friends, no matter how good or bad I am.

    5. Say goodbye to G in my heart and let him go. Forgive myself.

  2. My most recent aspiration is to stop my negative thinking/commenting about my body (and this should probably be expanded to include everything about myself). And I love Jen's guitar aspiration, I was thinking of getting a teach yourself guitar book and learning on this old one Jeff has. Oh and I also want to do an intro course of some kind (maybe also computer) to another language, maybe French.

    And I'm really happy you liked the book - sorry I missed you for thai temple, would love to do a Berkeley day soon!