in a nutshell

it's one of those crazily beautiful wire sculptures at the deyoung, with its shadow

basically, it was because of my own epic stupidity: i was in a hurry, didn't choose the proper (safe) knife, and tried to cut a butternut squash when my hand holding the blade of my knife steady slipped. unfortunately, my other hand was still pushing with all of my might.


  1. these things happen to all of us. the point is to learn to appreciate the things we have and to enjoy life while we can.

  2. THANK YOU for updating so I don't have to look at that nasty wound!

    I was cutting butternut squash the other day, gabbing and not paying attention, and gashed myself too...not nearly as bad as you, thank god. Take care of yourself around those knives!! Is that considered workman's comp since it happened at the workplace?

  3. yeah, workman's comp is taking care of the hospital bills. i'm not missing any work, really, so i don't have to worry about that part of the deal.