my hand was really swollen when i took this photo.

i was strangely giddy all of friday, and free of pain. i managed to fall asleep, and woke up early, but feeling fine. a couple of friends are staying with me, and we walked up to the market to get something to eat and see annabelle (the friendly witch). i saw a friend with verbal diarrhea and made the mistake of starting a conversation--i started to get dizzy and told him i had to eat something right then. it took me a while to get something to eat and i gobbled it up, which was a bad move. i started to feel better, but then got so much worse. i had to walk home as quickly as i could and swallow a handful of advil.

my entire body was in shock. ugh. it was awful, and i wanted to lie down and die. i don't remember the last time i hurt so badly. plus, they gave me the tetanus shot in my right arm and the cut is on my left hand--there is no comfortable sleeping position.

i felt better after a while. and i felt good enough today to go to the slides. love the slides.


  1. the supposed doctor who put the sutures on your hand must have trained at a tijuana auto mechanic's shop.


  2. AAAAH!!!! FUCK!!! That is some serious shit, Samin. Take care of yourself, mi raccomando!!!

  3. Ack. You need to warn us before you post photos like that. I literally gagged.

    How the hell did you cut yourself (in the kitchen, I presume?) bad enough to require 23 stitches?!!! Story, please!

    Hope it heals up nice and quick.